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Do you want to develop discipline and get stronger? Want to be prepared for dangerous situations? Martial Combat Dynamics Academy can teach you the skills needed to protect yourself. You'll build self-defense and discipline skills while learning how to neutralize your opponent. We provide martial arts classes to people of all ages at our studio in Loves Park, IL.

We have years of experience in martial arts and can teach you combat skills using realistic situations. We prioritize:

  • Growing the mind
  • Growing the spirit
  • Growing the body

Don't spend another day afraid. Contact our martial arts academy today to learn more about our classes.


Fight because your life depends on it. Strengthen the mind, body and spirit one punch and one at a time

Martial Combat Dynamics Academy is the leading martial arts for reality based combat martial arts. At MCDA, you will be provided with skills necessary to build self defence tactics to prevail against obstacles in life. We train more than just combat. With a focus on the entire individual, our students have the knowledge to protect themselves and their loved ones, while also developing confidence, inner peace and strength to achieve better health and fitness both mentally and physically. Contact MCDA today to learn more about our classes.

Growing the mind:
  • Learn to kick depression in the teeth
  • Learn to step outside your comfort zone
  • Conquer life's fear
  • Gain supreme confidence and peace of mind

Growing the Body:
  • Improve your muscular and cardiovascular endurance
  • Gain athleticism
  • Maintain healthy weight and nutrition
  • Turn back the aging process

Growing the Spirit:
  • Learn the meaning of your breath
  • Center your spirit
  • The WAY of martial arts training
  • Mushin

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Martial Combat Dynamics Academy is dedicated to teaching our clients skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Your safety is our priority, so we ensure to be very thorough in each class. We offer:


Our classes meet twice a week in four-hour blocks. Sign up with us today to begin your journey. We'll start with an extensive interview process so you can learn more about our classes and ensure that they're right for you.


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Don't settle for a subpar martial arts academy. Turn to Martial Combat Dynamics Academy for self-defense classes in Loves Park, IL. Call 176-088-9935 today to get started.